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99. Astral Wealth Makeover

Astral Wealth Makeover

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Astral Wealth Makeover.

This is fun and the gentlemen, please, join in as well because it is amusing, stimulating and pleasurable.

Imagine for a moment that you are about to go on national TV as an example of a particularly successful person in your field, to be interviewed by a famous presenter, and that you are to serve as a major inspiration to the many million viewers of this show.

The computer screen becomes your mirror as you wait in your dressing room and you have 60 seconds to “brush up your aura” with last moment final astral wealth makeover before you will go out on the set.

Do the actions, hand movements just above your actual body but without touching.

This is what makes it fun and creates fascinating and very stimulating energy shifts you can feel brightening you up.

Brush up your astral hair to a bright and lively gloss; put some sparkling shiny gold dust in your hair.

Wipe away all traces of tiredness, depression, misery and failure from your astral face, brush up your ears so they can listen clearly to the questions you’ll be asked; brighten up your eyes to radiance, wake up your mouth and your lips so they’ll speak readily and truthfully with words of inspiration and wisdom; straighten out your front and make sure you have no astral dandruff on your shoulders, on your arms.

Take a deep breath – and there’s the signal.

You’re ON!

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