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97. Myth Buster - It is better to give than receive?

Myth Buster - It is better to give than receive?

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Myth Buster - It is better to give than receive?.

Have you heard this one?

“It is better to give than receive.”

For WHOM, may we ask? How INSANE is that?

If we take this idea and apply it to let’s say, nature, you get to understand that this practically DOES NOT WORK and leads to some very, very disturbing outcomes.

Imagine you went to the toilet 15 times a day – but you didn’t eat or drink anything. Or imagine a river that only flowed out into the sea and which didn’t have any way of replenishing itself.

What would you get?

First, you’d get a hideous mess that would lead to total systems collapse and then you’d be left with …


And what’s still worse after all of that – whatever you or any other system in this Universe MIGHT have had to give, if it was also allowed to receive in equal measure, WON’T be available as the river dries up and the person with the compulsive diarrhea simply shrivels up and dies!

In order to give, you need to RECEIVE in the first place.

So grab a note pad and just so we remember this, write out three times in CAPS LOCK:


And remember to tell the children …!

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