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96. Acceptance …

Acceptance …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Acceptance ….

Now this is an interesting topic, don’t you think?

Especially entrepreneurs and “self made people” have gotten to be that because they are self reliant and get things done.

That is a WONDERFUL thing, of course, but like many wonderful things, if it goes beyond the sweet spot, we get ourselves into trouble in the extreme.

Being able to accept help (from people, from your employees, from your bank, from the universe, from the prophets et al) is not a sign of weakness but indeed, of character.

Today’s 60 second exercise is for you to consider where you may have blocked out or rejected HELP that would really be very helpful to you and could lift you, give you extra resources, energy and connections.

When you have found such a place, take a deep breath and make a decision to take away these barriers and allow all the assistance to come to you, to STREAM towards you and to ride upon this like a sailing ship in full glory towards your outcomes and goals.

“To survive and then, to prosper in these times, a good man needs all the help he can get …” SFX :-)

Silvia Hartmann

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