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94. Sunset Boats

Sunset Boats

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Sunset Boats.

There is a lovely tradition in some countries to make little boats from leaves or from paper, and to place your sorrows into these little boats, and to let the tide take them away.

Sometimes, a small tea candle is added so you can see the little boats with their freight of sorrows or worries go further and further away until they are simply gone.

In a moment, I want you to close your eyes and find yourself on warm ocean shore, just after sunset, with a small boat and the candle already lit in your hand, and a small scroll of paper which contains a sorrow you will send away today already written.

You know what that is, and you are ready to let that go now.

So step towards the waters edge, place the little boat into the soft night ocean and now simply watch as the tide takes it away and further away, out until it is gone and the starry night is all that remains above the shimmering ocean.

Take a couple of deep breaths and return to the tasks of the day โ€“ just a little lighter, a littler easier and a little more joyous.

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