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93. The Three Hats Of Prosperity

The Three Hats Of Prosperity

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: The Three Hats Of Prosperity.

An old party game but good fun and I recommend this highly!

Today, and in a moment, you are going to do a mental flexibility exercise where you will take three different positions (as though you were wearing three different hats!) on a project you are currently working on.

In order to do this right, you will have to shift in your chair and assume three different body postures – it’s as simple as turning to the left and crossing your legs that way for one, doing the opposite for the second and looking straight ahead with your feet flat on the ground for the third.

One person will be your business’s employee (or trade union representative, if you have many employees, or if YOU do many different people’s job of work all by yourself);

The second person is your boss, the manager of the company;

The third person is the accountant or treasurer.

Simply assume the position and the point of view and make a note of the main concerns as they are from their unique perspective.

This is a great exercise, I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that one!

Your 60 seconds start … NOW!

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