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92. Your Lucky Star

Your Lucky Star

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Your Lucky Star.

We have already met Lady Luck earlier, and she’s a lady with airs and graces, somewhat fickle in her attentions you might think, but there’s also something a little more immediately reliable – namely, your very own lucky star.

In a moment, close your eyes and welcome the velvet darkness, star spangled and wide.

Let your attention be drawn towards your lucky star.

Your energy mind knows where that is, and what that is, so simply follow in that direction until your lucky star stands bright and clear in your mind’s eye and you are aligned directly towards it.

Let the rays and the twinkling beams of light from your lucky star bathe you, draw them into your structure deeply by breathing this light in deeply for 60 seconds.

Every person has a lucky star.

Most of them just don’t know it.

You do now, so be merry and bright on your way today!

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