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91. Venture Capital

Venture Capital

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Venture Capital.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained …”

You’ve heard this, right?

Most people are very afraid of “gambling” with their hard won money; and rightfully so. Anyone who “gambles” with their livelihood is nothing but a fool; a successful business human doesn’t ever gamble with their livelihood, but instead they gamble with their “venture capital”.

What that is, is a fund set aside – for gambling with!

Which means that when you lose it all, you are NOT losing your shirt, or the dinner on your plate, and all that happens is that you have to stop gambling until you’ve replenished the fund.

So, here’s our 60 second exercise.

Just have a quick think about how you could use a “venture capital” fund to take risks that you might otherwise not have taken, and how this concept can help you in what you are doing – both in keeping you safe, and in moving your “business gambles” out of the territory of terror, and into an intriguing activity that may well prove immensely profitable in the long run.

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