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90. Wealth Jacuzzi

Wealth Jacuzzi

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Wealth Jacuzzi.

This is a shortened version of a deep trance experience which is even for 60 seconds extremely relaxing and GOOD for your energy system and your mind, so here we go.

In a moment, take a couple of deep breaths, close your eyes, lean back, relax and evoke the feeling of laying back in a fabulous hot water jacuzzi.

The water is all around you, in motion, bubbling and massaging you with streams and touches deeply through your skin and into your levels and layers.

Breathe deeply and relax even more, and as you do, from within your very structure, things begin to bubble up and rise to the surface, rise through the water and simply drift away to nowhere, old things, things you don’t need and don’t want, redundant things, burdensome things, all things that simply now bubble up in small or large events and float up and out through your structure.

There we are … now doesn’t that feel just great?

Have a sparkling day!

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