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9. A Simple Money Spell

A Simple Money Spell

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: A Simple Money Spell.

Now you might laugh, but this is GREAT FUN and it reaches the parts of us that you just can’t get to with balance sheets and suitcases full of paper money.

Be brave, just read it out aloud!

It’s shorter than 60 seconds, so you can loop it and do it more than once. If you clap along and actually ALLOW YOURSELF TO ENJOY THIS, it will be many times more effective.

You can teach it to your kids if you have any and get them to sing it to you in the car. A marvellous stress buster and a sweet golden ray of happy magic:

Money in my pockets,

And money in my hand,

Money in my home,

And money in the bank.

Money streams towards me

Like the river to the sea

Its easy and its magical

As counting one, two three …

Aaaand …..

There’s money in my pocket …

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