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89. Myth Buster – Greed VS Success Orientation

Myth Buster – Greed VS Success Orientation

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Myth Buster – Greed VS Success Orientation.

Have you heard this one?

“The more you get, the more you want.”

That’s true – but how is it that this is supposed to be a BAD thing?

What is that trying to say? That we’ll never be satisfied so we might as well not even start wanting anything?

This “folk wisdom” (Pah! More like “dumb as a 12th century farmer!) is one of a whole class of devices designed to keep the common man (and woman) down, to crop their wings of desire and to stop them from even TRYING for something better – for that might lead to a revolution, right!

Here’s the thing.

ANY bear, rabbit, monkey, mouse will ALWAYS look for the tastiest, biggest, fattest fruit in the environment – and as soon as they’ve eaten it, they’ll go and look for even tastier ones.


That’s beyond a survival device, but one that ensures that WE ALL STRIVE CONSTANTLY FOR THE BEST A BEAR CAN GET!

We are ALL designed that way – by the creative order itself.


Today’s exercise is an exercise in wanting more, and then still more.

Pick some thing you want, some thing you’ve always wanted.

Now imagine that you’ve had it, so what’s next?

Now imagine you’ve got that as well, and what is next, after that?


You are actually working according to the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE!

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