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84. Good Advice From Your Future Self

Good Advice From Your Future Self

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Good Advice From Your Future Self.

Today, we’re going to go dimensional travelling!

In a moment, I want you to close your eyes and enter those timeless spaces and realms that lie beyond, and I want you to make your way to a special meeting platform which resides outside of time and space.

As you approach this platform, you will notice there’s someone there to greet you – namely on this occasion, a future self that has come to give you just one single piece of really good advice.

Take heed. Future selves are the absolute EXPERTS on all our ins and outs, and you count on them to want you to do the best you can.

Simply smile and bow your head and ask them now what they really want you to know to help you out and make a difference.

PS – When you’ve received your advice, thank them – and give them my best regards!

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