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82. The Multi-Tasking Personality

The Multi-Tasking Personality

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: The Multi-Tasking Personality.

I once co-authored an entire book on this topic, but here’s the 60 Second managerial version.

Now, there are “parts” of us who like to work and do what needs to be done, but there are also “parts” of us who really don’t and would rather lie under a palm tree whilst being massaged sensuosly and with a champagne cocktail within reach.

Today, and before we start our daily work towards financial success, independence and power, I want you to find the “part of you” that really, REALLY would like to do something else altogether – playing ball, going to sleep, going out partying, whatever, you will know “what part of you that would be” and what THEY would like to do instead of work.

Now what you do next is to send off that part to an illusionary world where it can do EXACTLY what it wants to be doing – which makes that part VERY happy, and it leaves the rest of us to get on with our jobs!

Have a go, this is a REALLY cool pattern!

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