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78. Your Billboard On Time Square

Your Billboard On Time Square

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Your Billboard On Time Square.

I visited New York recently and as I was standing in Time Square, I looked at those HUGE electronic screen bill boards and wondered what it might cost to advertise there, and whether it was worth doing.

Of course, you have to remember that marketing is tax deductible and that your billboard in Time Square is just a teensy part of your overall strategy; but it does give a lot of status and there’s always the chance that your billboard message ends up on many postcards, in the background of million selling movies, on the news over the shoulder of a reporter and so forth.

So today, and in a moment, close your eyes and walk into Time Square, or some place like that in your own country, and as you walk down the busy street, you look up and you see YOUR BILLBOARD MESSAGE, advertising your product, you, your service, your logo, your show, YOUR SUCCESS in big glowing neon, far and wide.

Take a few moments to really enjoy this, have it be as real as you want it to become, with the feel of the street under your shoes, the traffic sounds and all those other people walking and looking, the cars and all of that.

I’ll hope you’ll smile as you continue with your work!

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