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77. There's no such thing as a free …

There's no such thing as a free …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: There's no such thing as a free ….

… lunch.


You’ve heard that saying, right?

Like many of those 13th century, Spanish inquisition derived “old wife’s tails”, they spook around in our neurology and cause a backwash of static, fear, suspicion, and general misery that we can well do without.

Here’s the thing.

There are MANY extremely free lunches. MANY. People will often give you “a free lunch” (read e-book, champagne reception, gift basket, sample product, directory listing, etc. etc. etc.) in the hope that this will put you in a good mood so you’ll do business with them later on.

But here’s the clever thing and where we need to take this a step further – we don’t really want JUST a free lunch, but actually, we want people to PAY US TO HAVE THAT FREE LUNCH!

Today’s exercise is to consider what kind of “free lunches” are available in your field of work, how you can use them to reduce your own food bill, and see if you come up with just one idea of how you can get someone to PAY YOU on top of giving you a free lunch, as well!

Your 60 seconds start … now!

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