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74. An Ancient Chinese Earth Meditation

An Ancient Chinese Earth Meditation

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: An Ancient Chinese Earth Meditation.

Under your eyes, just on the bone in line with the pupils if you were to look straight ahead, are two important clusters of meridian points pertaining to the “stomach meridian”.

As without being able to eat and digest you just can’t live AT ALL, it’s the basics of successful earthly life and thus stands also for success in financial endeavours.

Like food, money must flow and bring you good nutrients; it must not lie stale and miserable, or you get money constipation!

So today, put your fingertips gently under your eyes, and in a moment, close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply as you massage these meridian points in gentle, loving small circles.

Note how your breathing lifts you, from one moment to the next, and simply focus on your desire to be absolutely in the flow of the wealth of food, and air, and all those things you need for success in the real world.

Very nice!

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