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73. Up To Date Motivation

Up To Date Motivation

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Up To Date Motivation.

Conscious living includes controlling your environment, taking charge of things that you really do have power over, and USING these things to help you out.

I’m sure you have lots of motivational devices of your own, especially over the years; posters or screensavers, lucky hats or special T-Shirts, a meaningful key ring, souvenirs, that kind of thing.

Today’s 60 seconds we will spend wisely in taking a brief stock of your most important motivational items and we’ll check if any of them need to be updated and brought up to speed with your development.

For example, you might have a coffee mug with “Fire Your Boss!” that you bought when you were still working a 9-5, to encourage you to get your own business going, but that was in the past and now you ARE your own boss – and clearly, the mug needs to go!

You need a new mug with “Self made millionaire” as a motivational device.

Get the idea?

Alright, now find something that when you update it, it will help you with the NEXT goal and “update your motivation” for the future.

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