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72. Unfinished Business …

Unfinished Business …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Unfinished Business ….

Some people say that unfinished business create stress and others say it’s a burden on your soul.

Either way, today, let’s finish some unfinished business.

You can do that in three different ways.

  1. You can decide that you are not ready to finish it, and defer it forward into the future. That way, it becomes just business rather than something that nags at you.

  2. You can decide to scupper the thing altogether – delete it, remove it from you to do list, get rid of it. That finishes it conclusively.

  3. You can actually finish it by doing what needs to be done so it becomes a finished thing and moves along.

So today, pick ONE unfinished thing and make a decision what you want to do with it – 1, 2 or 3.

With that decision in place, the following actions are actually, surprisingly easy.

Have a great day!

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