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70. 3x3 Power Values Grid

3x3 Power Values Grid

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: 3x3 Power Values Grid.

Have you heard of a “values hierarchy”? It’s a way in which people make a linear, top down organisation of what’s important in their lives.

You might get:




… which means that money is more important than family, and that family is less important than money, but more important than health.

People then ACTUALLY BEHAVE like that!

When faced with “either or” questions such as attending a business meeting, a school play or a doctor’s appointment, they’ll choose based on that list – that’s how they set their priorities in life.

But look, that’s very dangerous, isn’t it. The fact is you need ALL THREE working WITH ONE ANOTHER, and SIDE BY SIDE, so that your life is in balance and actually functions properly!

So today, take your “Top Three” values and write them out simply side by side for a change, like this:

Wealth – Family – Health

Now, for added clarity, we’re going to make a 3x3 box out of this just so we really GET IT that things have to work together, and they’re all important in their own way, and neither and none should be sidelined, preferred or even elevated to some arbitrary emperor’s position that rules your life.

Like this:

Wealth – Family – Health

| | |

Family – Health – Wealth

| | |

Health – Wealth – Family

That’s the way to spell success – IN LIFE!

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