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69. Time - Or Money?

Time - Or Money?

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Time - Or Money?.

I’ve heard it said that you have to have either time, or money, to make any business work.

If you have time, you can knock on the doors yourself, write the ads, build the infra structure, answer the phones to build your business.

If you have money, you PAY people to do this for you instead.

What I find interesting is that many people, and not even all the beginners in the games of wealth, are so very reluctant to pay a few measly pennies that could save them SO MUCH TIME.

I knew a guy who messed around with installing software for 3 MONTHS – when you could pay $49 dollars extra and have someone who knew what they were doing install it for him in a single afternoon!

This isn’t “saving money”, but TOTAL INSANITY.

Just think of WHAT ELSE this guy could have done in all those HOURS UPON HOURS he WASTED on trying to mess around with something he didn’t understand and simply couldn’t do.

Listen up and know this – even if you’re unemployed or living in the gutter, YOUR TIME IS THE MOST PRECIOUS COMMODITY you will EVER have!

Why is time more important than money? You can get money from the lottery if you’re lucky, but there *is* no time lottery for you to hope to hit the jackpot one day!

So yeah, this is a serious topic.

For today’s exercise, I want you to value your time at a mere $50 an hour, and I want you to spend just 60 seconds thinking about where you are LOSING money by the fistful because you’re NOT spending a few bucks on a professional.

***** This is one of the BREAKOUT understandings that divides the rich from those who will never be, so give this one your best attention! *****

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