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68. Getting A Hold Of Your Time

Getting A Hold Of Your Time

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Getting A Hold Of Your Time.

Have you ever watched a kettle boil, or an egg, or stood in a queue and TIME STOOD STILL?

Time sort of goes on outside of us, but it is our PERSPECTIVE that changes and then it seems that a three week holiday is over in a flash, and a three minute dental drilling session LASTS FOR ALL ETERNITY.

To be able to change your perspective on real time is a priceless gift, really it is.

I can’t give you the full abilities right now but I can point you in the direction of a very simple exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime you become aware of time distortion taking place, and which will improve your incarnation!

Look around and find something in your environment that moves – people on a TV screen, a tree blowing in the wind, cars going by.

Breathe deeply, and for 60 seconds, have a go at trying to see them speed up as YOU SLOW RIGHT DOWN (remember, it is YOUR PERSPECTIVE that is changing, NOT time as such).

The trick is to SLOW YOURSELF in order to speed up the outside world – and vice versa.

Do the best you can with this and even a little shift will prove to you that you can do this – and that’s an AMAZING skill!

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