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66. Connecting With Your Customers

Connecting With Your Customers

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Connecting With Your Customers.

This is an important exercise on many levels, and not just the metaphysical ones. To really KNOW your customers, to really UNDERSTAND THEM, what they need from you, how you can make their lives better by your products and services is CRUCIAL to all business success.

If you are an artist rather than a business person, think of these people as your audience, it is essentially the same.

In a moment, think of a single customer you know well and have them appear before you and slightly below (you are standing on a hill). Take a moment to really pay attention to them and open yourself up to this person in every way.

Now, and as our minute ticks away, have more and more of your customers appear on this boundless plane, until there are many, many more than you ever thought you might reach or touch.

Now stop and for just three deep breaths, communicate with these many people as one.

Give them your offer of what you have to give, and receive their cheers and welcome in return.

When youโ€™re done, bow to your customers and โ€“ go to work!

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