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Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Get DISCIPLINED!.

Are you shuddering at this headline?

Do you think discipline is about SUFFERING?

Don’t panic!

We’re going to do a whole new kind of discipline – the kind where you MAKE YOURSELF HAVE FUN, and pleasant experiences, and do GOOD things (often against your will!).

You have no idea how many people still force themselves to stuff themselves on slimy broccoli – BEFORE they “allow themselves” to eat the tasty stuff.

That’s just plain WRONG, and also very dangerous. You could die halfway through the broccoli and pointlessly have thus missed the good stuff altogether!

So today, I want you to take our 60 seconds to think of all the things you’ve planned for today – and now RE-ORGANISE YOUR SCHEDULE so that you do the BEST THINGS FIRST.

You have to be disciplined of course to make it happen, in the face of all of that old broccoli entrainment – but that’s today’s challenge for you!

Work well, work smart – and enjoy your work!

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