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61. Your Hopes & Fears

Your Hopes & Fears

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Your Hopes & Fears.

In the Celtic Cross Tarot spread, there’s a position that denotes BOTH a person’s hopes AS WELL as their fears.

It’s funny how that is with people, but it’s amazing how often these things are one and the same.

People *want* to be wealthy with all their hearts, but at the same time, they are also *terrified* of what that might be like – ALSO with all their hearts!

Isn’t that strange?

So today, we’re going to do something to alleviate the stale mate, a variation on the 23 exercise.

In a moment, I want you to think of something you hope for and fear in equal measure. Love, health, wealth, power, even owning your own business and being responsible for many people – you know what your major “hope’n’fear” is!

Let’s say, it is WEALTH.

Hold your left hand up to eye level, palm forward, and as though you were painting with your whole hand a circular area on a wall, make the “my hopes for wealth” erea on your left hand side.

Now, paint a similar erea on the right hand side, and put there, all your “fears for wealth”.

Take a couple of breaths or so to become really familiar with what the hopes on the left, and the fears on the right, really are.

And now, to the genius of the whole thing!

Look STRAIGHT AHEAD and let BOTH of those fade away – because NEITHER IS REAL!

They’re both HALLUCINATIONS about a future that hasn’t happened yet!

The future is right out there, unknown, exciting, and challenging – but that’s where YOU are going – into reality, into a REAL future, with REAL wealth!

Have a BRILLIANT day!

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