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Today's Money Energy Exercise is: WELL DONE!.

Today, I want to take a time out and sincerely congratulate YOU on coming this far.

Even though these exercises are easy and quick – 60 seconds is all it takes and just *reading* through the exercises gets the old cogs of the mind moving, there are STILL people for whom this is “too much hard work”.

Can you believe it?!

I want to see ONE SINGLE MILLIONAIRE who made their money from their own endeavour, from the ground up, without a rich uncle or a lottery win, who got there without putting in some jolly good old fashioned hard work!

But the thing is, it isn’t really work when you’re doing something that excites you, something that is worthwhile to you, that is your own - it is generally a privilege and you very rarely hear the real movers and shakers complain that they’re spending too much time at the office.

But that is as it is – you are here, and I congratulate you, because it shows your WILL TO WEALTH, and really, there isn’t anything else a person needs.

If they have the will to wealth, they WILL get better at what they’re doing, and they will succeed.

Doing this programme is a small but daily proof that you are willing to keep your focus and make it happen – FOR YOU, and for those you love; for the mission that fires YOU up, and the things that are precious to you.

So a BIG congratulations to you and today, let’s spend the time we have here simply thinking back over the past exercises so far and taking stock how this has helped, and what has already been especially useful TO YOU.

Tomorrow, we’ll go back to the regular programme with a whole brand new set of fascinating 60 Second Wealth Boosters!

Until then, be positive, be prosperous!

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