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52. Ancestors Cheering

Ancestors Cheering

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Ancestors Cheering.

At a Wealth Consciousness workshop, I found out that many people are worried that they will somehow displease their poor and hard working ancestors by becoming extremely rich and successful.

I had a sense that that was probably a misconception, so we did this following exercise to find out.

In a moment, close your eyes and go to a meeting place where you meet representatives of your ancestral lines.

Tell them that you want to be rich, powerful and successful and that you want to change the world through your works.

Then ask them for their support.

You will find that they want nothing more than for YOU to SUCCEED. You are their child, their living representative, and YOUR success is also THEIR SUCCESS.

Let them cheer you and know always that you have THEIR SUPPORT in what you do.

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