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36. Top Tip – Data Delicious …

Top Tip – Data Delicious …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Top Tip – Data Delicious ….

“The place you'll find more gold than virtually anywhere else is in doing something many people just don't find appealing. It is in developing and maintaining a solid database. Unfortunately, many people don't find database management "sexy" enough. So they continually buy into that next "secret formula." -- Kathleen Gage

Well, good day to you and today’s “make your dreams come true” item is – record keeping!

Yes, delicious, wondrous RECORD KEEPING.

Where would we be without it? Al Capone DIED IN JAIL because he didn’t keep his tax records up to date. Remember that! He just didn’t appreciate the sexy, exciting data base in all its guises and appearances, and of course, he didn’t have a PC to make it easy as well as profitable to keep his records in order.

So for today’s exercise, spend 60 seconds on coming up with an ABSOLUTE decision to improve your record keeping to such elegance and smoothness, the tax people would gasp in adoration!

“Learn to love your data … watch it grow … and it will bless you with joy!” SFX

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