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316. Personal Development

Personal Development

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Personal Development.

This is an interesting exercise and it can be even life changing to the right person.

You know when you get stressed and wound up because your business (or your family life, or your health etc) isn't quite doing what you want it to?

Sales may be down or other problems may arise, and then we get stressed, freaked out (technical term!) and then ...

... we tend to engage in behaviours which are primarily designed to release stress, rather than doing anything positive or pro-active that would be useful to get us over the troublespot.

I know people who ALWAYS in such situations escape into more programming, and others who escape into writing more sales letters, and yet others still who phone up customers EVERY TIME the situation gets stressful.

I propose a new approach, namely that when things get stressful, to take a moment and engage in PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT instead.

This may be tapping a round of EFT for whatever is wrong with YOU so that this problem has come to pass in the first place, or to do some EmoTrance, or some general stress release exercise of which we've had so many already - so that instead of the business, you WORK ON YOURSELF instead and FIRST in any moment of crisis.

Your exercise today is to isolate YOUR main stress behaviours and look into the reasoning your stressed self has for doing that sort of busy work which is only designed to calm you down, and NOT to further your actual business!

When you have found it, hold your hands to your heart and set a reminder to yourself to do something WITH YOU next time it happens instead.

Make it loud, make it clear - this is very important.

Silvia Hartmann

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