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315. An Alien Visitor

An Alien Visitor

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: An Alien Visitor.

A bit of fun today to lighten up in a different way.

Imagine, if you will, that you are an alien from another planet.

Land in your own back yard or near your abode and make your way to your home.

You can be invisible if required so you can simply go and observe this human person going about their business, and you have a time distortion device which means you can see things very fast as night turns to day and night again, through a whole lunar cycle.

Just sit back and watch.

What strikes you as particularly peculiar?

What do you find the most baffling of all that this human you're observing does?

Now write a brief report in tertiary about these anomalies for your superiors. No, I'm kidding. Just enjoy and have fun with this today!

Really. There is no need to learn any valuable lessons from this at all!

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