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314. Through The Wall Of Negativity

Through The Wall Of Negativity

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Through The Wall Of Negativity.

Here is an energy exercise to improve your motivation, productivity and general enjoyment of whatever it is that you are doing.

Think of something you are not particularly "motivated" to do, but that, if you did it, would improve your lot significantly.

Now notice how between you and the task, there lies a swirling wall of negativity, of disturbed energy that contains distorted pictures of suffering and thoughts of the "Oh dear oh dear!" variety.

Note how tuning into that wall of negative energy makes you feel queasy, uneasy, unhappy - but just for a moment because now, let's take a deep breath and then another, straighten out and with both hands, call up a storm of bright energy that will blow this wall apart, make it disintegrate, disappear like a sandcastle will melt under the incoming breakers of the tide.

When it is all gone, think of that task again - how is it different now?

A very valuable experience!

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