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313. An Outburst Of Adjectives

An Outburst Of Adjectives

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: An Outburst Of Adjectives.

Today's exercise can be taken just as amazing fun, or even amazingly seriously - do please yourself in every way.

There has recently been a renewed outburst of adjectives in marketing, I've noticed.

We're not talking about "a bottle of wine" but instead, about an "ecstacy inducing, silky smooth, classy vibrant luscious ruby red cabernet wine, made from the finest dew fresh picked, virgin feet crushed ripeness bursting lip smaking Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, excruciatingly slowly matured in hand carved ancient oak casks stroked by elves in the deepest and most closely guarded cool cellars of great marble palaces ..."

Alright, so you get the drift.

What do YOU sell?

Books? Vitamins? An hour of your time?


Take 60 seconds and really have a play with those adjectives, those metaphors - don't be shy, just let them come ...!

Have fun, as always :-)

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