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311. Watering A New Project

Watering A New Project

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Watering A New Project.

Have you started a new project recently? Or perhaps you would like to?

If you are thinking about doing something, imagine that you are carrying a large seed, the size of an egg, and you find a suitable landscape to plant this now where it will do extremely well and be most happy.

Plant it and let it get to a suitable size, and now we're on the same

page with those amongst us who have already started and our project has already germinated.

Let's stand back and look at it for a moment.

How is it doing?

Has it everything in this environment it needs to grow and flourish?

Is there something you can do for it right now to improve its condition and speed the growth?

Take a moment to do this to your heart's content, bless your new project and let's go back to work!


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