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310. Testimonials


Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Testimonials.

Something interesting today.

In a moment, sit back and simply back away from your life so far to give you a far overview over the whole thing up to this point.

Move back until you can really see your whole life, starting with the moment of your conception right up until now.

Now I would like you to think of something positive that many people have remarked about you, have said about you, across the time of your life, repeatedly, even if you don't agree, or even if these people never met each other and those testimonials are many years apart.

What is a consistent testimonial to you, across time, over and over again?

Once you have found such an example, look for two further testimonials that describe you across the time of your life, and that really does have something to do with who you are in this lifetime.

Take 60 seconds to reflect on this - and please, enjoy this exercise.

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