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308. The Money Statement

The Money Statement

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: The Money Statement.

I saw an interesting tip from the middle ages (yes, really!) the other day on how to improve one's finances. It was that you should spit on the very first penny you received in the day for luck, and that this would multiply the flow of money for you.

This made me think about how we earn our money these days.

I don't know about you, but I'm not paid in coins, nor even in bank notes these days.

I receive a notification that a transfer has taken place; or I get a cheque, a bankers order, an email even sometimes.

Where has the money gone?

What am I supposed to spit on?!

And HOW does this affect the way when we goal set or try to manifest "money"?

Do the "higher powers" understand that we want to see more digits on the transfer slips, on the cheques? Do they even understand what cheques or electronic transfers are?

Just in case a breakdown of communications on this point has occurred in your system as well, here is a short "modern money" meditation.

In a moment, visualise the way you "get your pennies" - cheque, bankers order, transfer, paypacket, whatever.

Visualise yourself with something in your hand that shows you this.

Look at the sum on the statement.

See it clearly, and now, let the numbers begin to move upwards, like on an electric calendar, fast, so that they are showing higher and higher sums as you stand and hold the statement, and until it has reached a sum that feels absolutely perfect to you.

The numbers slow down as they are reaching that sum and the sum stabilises. Read it out, a digit at a time. Run your finger over it, know that is YOUR money, that is how you KNOW you have that MONEY.

When you are clear, take the statement and draw it into your heart, let it melt there and power you for the rest of this day!

Well done!

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