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306. World Map Of Lights

World Map Of Lights

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: World Map Of Lights.

This is a lovely energetic “reach more customers” meditation and one which I enjoy particularly.

Find yourself in a super office, one that belongs to an extremely rich, powerful and wealthy person, and decorated much like it would be if that person was you.

There is a very large work of art at the top end wall of that room; beautiful, expensive as hell but when you push a button, it slides down to reveal a fantastically detailed map of the world, beautifully crafted in vibrant enamels and inlaid with many precious materials.

Stand before this map and move closer until it fills your vision.

A mental command will show you your current customers as lights on that map, so give the command and see tiny lights come on where they are.

Take a moment to consider that, and how you feel about the amount of customers, and where they are found.

Now, this map is a magic map.

Where you will place your attention and call more lights into being, this will happen for real as you set the scale of time passing as you do this.

This is your business, your map, your world, your decision.

Take your time in quantum time to light up the world according to your goals, plans and desires.

And remember to put the work of art back into place before you leave the office.


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