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305. An Item Of Wealth

An Item Of Wealth

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: An Item Of Wealth.

I think the reason that most goal setting programmes don’t work is because they are too flat, not multi-dimensional enough.

We are fortunate that we have this time and opportunity to do all these different exercises, all tuning from these many different directions to the same goal, and today’s exercise is another one that will help strengthen your goal, your connection to your goal, your motivation, and bring it closer still to manifesting – quickly!

Think of an item, an object of some kind, that you can’t have until you are really and truly and properly wealthy and you have achieved the current goal.

Make sure it really is something that you literally can NOT get your hands on until that wealth thing has happened for you – if you can put it on your credit card tomorrow, it won’t count.

What is it?

How much do you desire it?

Spend 60 seconds interacting with this object and really, REALLY re-affirming your will and want to have THAT, as quickly and as easily as anyone has ever manifested something like that.

Off you go!

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