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303. Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Liquid Gold.

A golden meditation for you today โ€“ relaxing and slightly mysterious, enjoyable.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, that somewhere there is a place where the metaphysical liquid gold, the aim of the old alchemists, is to be found.

Step onto a transporter platform pad and let yourself be transported there, right now.

Open your eyes to a sparkling realm, where like the milky way, you see a band of liquid gold in the sky, made of many components, all working together to give us the impression that it is a wave of liquid gold, ahead and above the horizon.

Hold out your hands and call to it.

Let some of this sparkling, pure and absolutely wonderful liquid gold come to you, rest on your hands like a bird would come, cool and silky to the touch, light yet immensely packed with potential in every way.

Take a moment to shape an object from the liquid gold, do it with loving touches and until it is manifest and you are fully satisfied.

Put the object in your pocket and come back to here and now.

Excellent work!

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