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302. Money In Everything

Money In Everything

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Money In Everything.

I was recently involved in organising a conference, and a principle came to light which can be applied across the board.

This principle will make you a fortune, and I kid you not, if you remember it, adher to it, and let your clever mind work out ways to make it come into action.

In business, you have so called "costs" that eat into your profit. Yet many of these costs wouldn't be costs at all if you thought differently.

In the example of the conference, there were many components that were thought to be a cost but which could by themselves become PROFIT instead, just for the thinking about this differently.

The conference has a manual which costs a lot to print. Yet, if one were to think in terms of "this must make make a profit!", we can sell advertising space in the conference manual - and instead of being a draining cost, it becomes a profit item.

You can take this further and IMPROVE the manual with the extra revenue generated - so you might end up with a MUCH BETTER manual that ALSO makes a profit.

So sit back for a moment and consider how you can turn a "cost" of your own business into a profit instead - and easily, at that.

Very good indeed!

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