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300. Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Reasons To Be Cheerful.

This is No. 300 in our series. But my, haven’t we come a long way!

I bet you are noticing now the very real improvements in your mental flexibility, in your ability to visualise at will, to relax when called upon, and to change your states of mind in 60 seconds or less.

So today, let’s have something super-advanced.

Be cool, for all the other exercises have prepared you well for this one!

In a moment, sit back and close your eyes.

Take a deep breath, relax and see before yourself the night sky, and if you wish, move right into it so there are stars above, stars below, stars to your left and to your right, and all around.

Now let the stars gently fade away as you move into a different realm of consciousness, a pure space of thought, of mind, of absolute potentiality, where there is nothing, yet everything.

Acclimatise for a moment, then say in your mind, say it loudly and clearly, “Give me 300 reasons to be cheerful.”

Simply relax and let this stream into you – fast, rushing, pure energetic data, no holds barred.

When the information/energy download is complete, step down to the starry skies, and from there, back to here and now.

Take a moment to contemplate what that was, and how it has changed your day.


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