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299. The Conveyor Belt

The Conveyor Belt

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: The Conveyor Belt.

This is a very interesting exercise, and the less your business has to do with manufacturing, the more interesting it becomes.

Image for a moment, if you will, that you are standing in a great factory building, very modern, very, VERY large and spacious, clean, ready for action.

The only thing inside this aircraft hangar size factory building is a large conveyor belt, and this has been tipped vertically so it is in fact a very long TV screen which shows you the process of your work, from the first idea all the way to the finished product or service.

Step up to the conveyor belt, closer and until the screen fills your vision, and turn it on.

Now watch the processes of your work unfold across time in order and sequence, and as you do, pay attention to possible improvements that could be made in the “flow of your work”.

Very good!

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