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297. Clear Water Mental Clarity Meditation

Clear Water Mental Clarity Meditation

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Clear Water Mental Clarity Meditation.

A delightful stress reliever today, the Clear Water meditation for mental clarity is easy to do and you can notice immediately how much better your thinking becomes when the disturbances from stress ease up and disappear.

In a moment, close your eyes and sit right back.

Breathe deeply and sense a soft sheet of warm water falling upon you, like silk banners flowing down and across you, taking with it all the tension in your body as it does so and until you are pleasantly relaxed and comfortable, alert.

Now become aware that right above the center of the top of your head, a small vortex is beginning to appear, a vortex which widens up to the clearest blue sky imaginable, and from this clear blue sky falls clear water, straight down and into your head, into your mind, into your brain.

Clear water, immensely cleansing, nourishing, falls into and through your head and smoothly slides through your thoughts, your neurology, lubricating and clearing pathways, taking away debris and bringing sparkling life where ever the clear water goes, whatever it touches.

From your head, it flows throughout your neurology, flowing into all and every pathway, into, through and out the finest nerves, down your spinal column and finding its exit point in every nerve cell of your skin, flowing in, through and out freely and perfectly.

Enjoy this blessing for as long as it takes and when you are ready, open your eyes wide and โ€“ notice the difference!


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