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296. Releasing Wealth Guilt

Releasing Wealth Guilt

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Releasing Wealth Guilt.

Now we all do things that we wish we hadn’t with the beautiful wisdom of hindsight that makes every fool into a prophet.

Some of us, and even some aspects of each of us, suffer from “wealth guilt”.

There may have been incidences in the past when money was squandered heedlessly; when bad decisions were made; where mistakes occurred.

In moments of high distress, we can then formulate decisions, such as, “I don’t deserve to have money if THAT is how I treat it!”

So today, take a deep breath and consider something that causes you still to suffer from “money guilt”.

Remember what that was, how BAD that was, and allow yourself to experience the full impact of shame and guilt so you have a location in your body that you can touch with your hands.

As you continue to think about that traumatic money or business event, let your healing hands do their job and heal that injury and until you can think about it and no longer feel any physical pain.

Breathe deeply all the while you do this and don’t stop until you feel good, and your thinking is positive.

Excellent work!

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