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294. Business Logo Energising

Business Logo Energising

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Business Logo Energising.

This is good fun and powerful energy magic to boot; do this as often as you like to help you focus and to nourish your business at the โ€œotherโ€ levels.

Find yourself on our wide, clear view plane where we work with energy to make things happen in the world.

Call to you friends, people who inspire you, helpers, guides โ€“ whoever you think might be ready and willing to help you energise your business.

These people/beings will manifest on the plane with you.

I personally like to add an invitation to those โ€œIโ€™m not thinking of right now, but who would be able and willing to help in a positive way,โ€ so that my energy mind can help out and send the right people for the task.

So now, that we are all assembled, letโ€™s make a space in the middle and all turn towards it.

In this space, place your business logo โ€“ a three dimensional version, large, that floats comfortably in mid air.

Now, everyone turn towards it and give it their energy to make it brighter, to make it stronger, to have it be more resonant, more attractive, more powerfully present, aware and successful in every sense of the word.

Feed the logo with energy until it is fully sated, possibly transformed into a higher order of existence; and when all is done, thank your friends and return to the here and now.

Keep an eye on this and see what happens as a result of what you did here. This is amazingly powerful stuff, and remember you can do this at any time you feel your business needs an extra boost.


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