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293. Tropical Forest Abundance Meditation

Tropical Forest Abundance Meditation

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Tropical Forest Abundance Meditation.

Just a wonderfully relaxing meditation for today, just read it and be at ease, enjoy the energies.

Let us just walk for a moment into a dawn, misty and moist, and as the fog lifts in sheets and layers and the sun breaks free, we find ourselves in a tropical forest, deep, deep inside, where no man has slashed and burned as yet, and an ecology old and diverse has established itself.

There are gigantic trees supporting all manner of plants and flowers, beings, climbers; there are bushes and shrubs of all kinds, and so many animals, everything is verdant, vibrant, alive, so many colours โ€“ and as you stand here and slowly turn around, you begin to get a true sense of how intervowen all of life is here, how everything works together for the common aim of life, how everything is necessary, and all together, and equal in that way.

When you are ready, thank the forest for the lesson and return to here and now.

Very nice indeed.

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