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291. Projects & Goals

Projects & Goals

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Projects & Goals.

Iโ€™m sure you have a number of different projects โ€œon the goโ€ at any one time.

Some people find it difficult to prioritise, or to choose which one to work with in preference, and they go from one thing to the other in a round robin fashion, and progress seems then slow and cumbersome.

Today, I want to you pick your top three projects (you can do more, if you can do that).

Point to a place at eye height in your line of vision at the left and place your first project there; point to the middle on the same line to place the second project, and the third goes on the right.

Now look across them all and towards your most important long term goal.


Which project does the most to help bring the long term goal into existence?

Which does the least?

And can you see an order of priority beginning to become clear to you?

Nicely done!

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