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288. The Money Prism

The Money Prism

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: The Money Prism.

Money, like roses and red wine, comes in many different flavours.

Today, we have a short meditation that is both pleasant as well as helpful to get a solid sense of what we are using money for so we know what happens to our income streams and earnings.

Letโ€™s first of all give these different streams of money a colour each.

  1. Start with a nice vibrant blood red for your household income โ€“ the money you want to pay all your bills, have the kind of abodes you enjoy, have them decorated and to pay for all household and living expenses.

  1. Next, we have orange โ€“ this is your wealth money, for saving and investing so that it brings even more prosperity and wealth towards you..

  1. Yellow money is for your experiences and education โ€“ travel and theatre, books, attending trainings, going on holidays and all those things that serve to educate you further.

  1. Green money is for spending on the people you love in your own family and your friends.

  1. Blue money is for making a contribution to society.

  1. Violet money is for the child within to spend as it sees fit.

Now, sit back and close your eyes. Be in a clear expansive space and see before you a clear crystal glass prism.

Visualise white light money energy coming in towards you, and as it travels into and through the money prism, it breaks up into these beautiful and very distinct strands as it changes its nature to fulfill all the colour needs.

Notice if any of these coloured beams of light are in need of brightening, or if you need to move the prism a little bit to create the perfect rainbow effect in this meditation.

When all six colours are perfect beams of light now flowing towards where they are meant to go, take a deep breath, enjoy it for a while and return to work, when you are ready.

Very good indeed!

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