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287. A Principle Of Competition

A Principle Of Competition

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: A Principle Of Competition.

Even though most people don’t understand it or would think and argue that this isn’t true, there is a principle of competition which creates a winner, every time.

It doesn’t matter if it is long distance running, a beauty pageant or a matter of three shoe stores in a town, this principle is global and it works everywhere.

And here it is.

Looking over your shoulder at the competition is not how you win a race of any kind.

Indeed, the more you worry, compete and compare, the more energy you waste.

It is ONLY about YOU and THE GOAL.

The competition is only between one single “you”.

You cannot become “the most beautiful girl on the stage” by tripping up your fellow beauty queens, nor can your shoe shop become the “best shoe shop in town” by wrestling with the competition.

It won’t impress the judges, nor will it impress the customers.

Keep your eye on the goal and put ALL your energy into making YOU get THERE as fast as possible, by improving YOU and YOUR performance.

Now take 60 seconds to consider how you can apply this principle to your business, or your life.


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