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285. Pretty Pretty Numbers

Pretty Pretty Numbers

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Pretty Pretty Numbers.

Not everybody loves numbers equally. Some people think that numbers are dour, evil, not creative, boring, even frightening.

Should you be amongst those, here is a delightful short meditation to help you change your mind.

In a moment, sit back and relax.

Let numbers come to your mindโ€™s eye, enter the dimension of numbers, where they come from, where they exist.

Let yourself be amazed how beautiful they are in their true form, sparkling, diamonds of many colours, lights flashing, abundance, logic and beauty, structure โ€“ a wealth of energy, delicious and extremely attractive.

Taste the reality of these number existences.

Touch them, feel them tingling like tiny snow flakes on your skin.

Move them with your hands, with your intentions.

Be amazed by them, delighted, invigorated and fascinated.

And take the learnings you have had about the nature of numbers back with you as you return to right here and now, with a difference inside, and out.

Very well done!

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