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284. The 20 80 Principle

The 20 80 Principle

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: The 20 80 Principle.

This is a wonderful Xeno’s paradox type reality pattern which, if you understand how it works and apply it rigorously, will save you time, money, stress, heartaches and make you much, much more successful in everything you do, from parenting to world market domination.

The first 80% of any project are easy to do, and they move quite quickly. After that, there is an increasingly steep curve of 20% left towards perfection, which gets ever harder, steeper and slower, so that perfection itself will NEVER be reached.

It is this absolute pattern which causes a lot of people to NEVER launch a project because they (mistakenly) think that it isn’t ready (because it isn’t perfect yet).

This goes from websites, to the great American novel, via the launch of a new product, to an assembly line, to going out and finding a new partner (must go back to the gym, I’m not perfect enough to get started!) and then some.

You really do have to know when something is READY ENOUGH to get out there – and then STOP working on it further and launch it, even though it is still 20% short of perfection.

It is also to know when to STOP trying to improve on something, because the work involved has become DISPROPORTIONATE to the effort involved.

Remember, perfection is unattainable and the closer you are to it, the more the effort expended becomes for ever decreasing gain.

So today, consider where you are in a position where you have become involved in the elusive 20% at the end – and how much energy you can free up if you accept the 80 – 20 principle and just leave that alone now.

Very important!

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