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283. Getting Rid Of Shoulds

Getting Rid Of Shoulds

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Getting Rid Of Shoulds.

“Should” is a nasty word and we “should” strive to remove it from our dictionaries and general usage as soon as possible, and right away.

Consider something that you “should” be doing, or “should” have done, but you didn’t and haven’t.

Instead of feeling all guilty and weird, today we’re going to do something different, namely trying to resolve the stalemate of the should.

Let’s just presume you are NOT going to do this thing, not ever.

So … if YOU aren’t going to do it, then HOW ELSE is it going to get done?

Think about that for 60 seconds and see if you can think your way out of that stalemate – and I have faith that you will!

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