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282. Friends


Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Friends.

When you are running a business, and no matter how many people you have working for you and with you, that can sometimes feel like a rather lonely place to be.

You know that slogan, “It’s lonely at the top”?

Well, it doesn’t need to be.

For today’s exercise, we shall have a little magic.

In a moment, sit back, breathe deeply, let your eyes close and allow yourself to fall back and out, then swoop up and high, to a wide plane of lucid light, where all is potential and you can see far and wide.

There, just be there for a moment. Breathe in the cool air of reason and clarity that prevails here, and allow the space to invite you to uncurl and expand, far and wide.

Keep your eyes forward, but as you do, you become aware that others are joining you, coming up from behind to stand by your side.

These are friends, those who wish you well, who will support you and stand by you. They might come from the future or the past, and some you might have never met, but here they are nonetheless, and they are by your side.

Turn your head left and right to see them being there.

Feel their support of YOUR vision, their support of YOU.

Now look forward again and notice how their presence empowers you, and how much easier it is now to move forward, and towards your goals, and dreams manifest.

When you have a full sense of that, thank them with a smile and slowly return, open your eyes and here we are.

Especially at the top, it is never lonely.

You have friends in high places …

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